Why investing in youth businesses/ enterprises in Zimbabwe?

With an abundance of a young, educated, boisterous and literate population, Zimbabwe is the hub of vast entrepreneurship ideas and thus an attractive destination for both local and international investments respectively. Young people in Zimbabwe constitute the bulk of the population which contributes about 56% of the total sum. This therefore indicates the multilateral endeavours that need to be ostensibly carried out in order to advance this age group in all facets and investments is just but one of the avenues. Investing in youths will therefore harness the demographic dividend that exists not only in Zimbabwe but the region as well. Continuity is also ensured through making the youths an investment priority.


Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

Youths in Zimbabwe are involved in a plethora of ventures that require investments and capitalisation and these include but not limited to:-

  • Information and Technology
  • Value addition and beneficiation (mining and agriculture)
  • Transport and communication
  • Tourism
  • Health

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